Endodontic microsurgery – ergonomic protocols, tips and tricks

Endodontic Microsurgery – Ergonomic Protocols Course by Dr. Roberto Cristescu

Theory & Practice

 Theoretical and hands-on course for endodontics workflow using the dental operating microscope.
Participants will get an in-depth theory overwiev of the following parts of the root canal treatment procedure:
  1. Ergonomy of the dental office for endodontics
  2. Endodontic diagnosis
  3. Access cavity
  4. Canals portals of negociations
  5. Perfortions management
  6. Posts removal
  7. Shaping and filling root canal systems
The practical part will include the following steps, all performed using the dental operating microscope:
  1. Full 4 hands-endodontics procedures, ergonomy flow
  2. Access cavities on different types of teeth
  3. Finding root canal portals of negociations
  4. Perforation repair
  5. Removal of glass fiber posts

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Endodontic microsurgery - ergonomic protocols, tips and tricks
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