Biofunctional mandibular dynamics – Level 2

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Hands-on ! A lot !!

1. Variables in mandibular dynamics
2. Bite registration techniques
3. Arthrokinematics
4. Biofunctional orthotic appliance
5. Biofunctional dynamics craniocervical equilibration
We will focus in TMJ pathology and differential diagnostic based on movement. You will learn how to create a Biofunctional Orthotic Appliance and understand the principle and its function!


DAY  1  / 6 Dec

1. Variables in mandibular dynamics

  • Influence of the cervical spine in mandibular movements
  • Mandibular Trajectories
  • Habitual Trajectory
  • Opening VDO using ( Human Body Dynamics)

2. Bite registration techniques

  • Cranio Bite
  • TENS Bite
  • Phonetic Bites : “s”, “f”, Sweet point
    Swallow Bite
  • Bite Test Technique * Fast Reaction

3. Arthrokinematics

Based in all the fundamentals we learned in level 1 we will focus in Joint pathology and differential diagnostic based in movement. We will use cell phone to record and make an analysis

  • TMJ Anatomy
  • Pain mapping
  • Chronic
  • Acute ( look in Gerber’s book)
  • Congruent Surfaces
  • Airplanes

4. Biofunctional orthotic appliance

  • How to create a Biofunctional Orthotic Appliance
  • Understand the principle of the appliance and its function


Attendants will need their own models to fabricate their own appliance.

  • Doctor Vasquez will be taking a bite on 1 attendant and will demonstrate how to mount the case, and how to fabricate the splint or appliance.
  • Instructions are described in the course package for the attendants on what to bring READY for the course.

Attendant will learn how to mount their case using occlusal tables, do a suck down on their lower blocked model and work the acrylic to fabricate the appliance based on their own bite.

DAY 2 / 7 Dec

5. Biofunctional dynamics craniocervical equilibration


  • Craniocervical equilibration
  • TENS equilibration
  • TENS versus TAP
  • TENS Postural
  • TAP Postural
  • What to clean
  • What to preserve
  • Keeping Cusp Fossa relationship
  • Contact position

Material alternatives

  • Analog acrylic – carve it
  • Digital anatomical
  • Acetal Resin
  • Fixed

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