Dr. Francesca Vailati

Dr. Francesca Vailati

After receiving her medical degree from the University of Bari (Italy) in 1996, Dr. Francesca Vailati left Europe to pursue her dental education in the United States.

In 2000 she received her dental degree from the University of Pennsylvania (USA) and in 2003 earned a certificate in Prosthodontics along with a M.S.D. degree from the University of Connecticut (USA).

Upon her return to Europe in 2003 she joined the department of Fixed Prosthodontics headed by Prof. Urs Belser at the University of Geneva (Switzerland), where she holds the post of senior lecturer.

Dr. Vailati maintains a part-time private practice in Geneva, dedicated to aesthetic restorative dentistry and prosthodontics.

She has contributed several articles in the field of restorative dentistry and implantology and lectures internationally on a variety of topics related to dental wear and ADDITIVE dentistry.